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Our commitment to fresh, delicious, wholesome food and products is fundamental. We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell and every procedure we adapt. We value every ounce of energy expended, whether it is human or natural.

We are passionate about great tasting food and the pleasure of sharing it with each other. We take enormous pleasure in letting people know how their food choices affect the health of their families, communities and planet. We provide products and education that encourage joy, sensuality, health and wellbeing without being dogmatic or judgmental.

We seek out and promote local, organically grown foods. We feature foods and products that are free from all chemicals and artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners. We prepare and store our foods so that they are served at their most vibrant and nutritious. We honor all the elements that it takes for the food to reach us.

We are here to offer an alternative to degrading food service practices. Our mission is to feed the vitality of the world . We do this by providing healthy fantastic food for people on the go, while honoring and protecting our environment. This means we have a commitment to sustainable purchasing, efficiency, reduced waste, recycling and composting. We use biodegradable and chemical free materials for cleaning and packaging whenever possible. It is our responsibility to do what we can to preserve resources. Because of this commitment, we educate and ask our team to play their part in this collective program.

  • EMPOWERMENT -- to create a space where people can be transformational, motivational, inspiring, and outspoken
  • COGNIZANCE -- to be knowledgeable about what we do, and to do it consciously
  • QUALITY -- to act professionally, and with heart-centered mindfulness in all we do, and to be responsive to the needs of everyone.
  • INTEGRITY-- to be honest and consistent in all of our interactions, to be aware of the impact of our actions, and to always behave in an exemplary manner
  • COMPASSION -- to be nurturing, accepting, generous, and kind in all of our interactions and to always come from a place of abundance
  • PASSION -- to be persistent and driven in pursuit of our goals
  • EQUITY -- to follow democratic principles, to strive for balance, to work in a sustainable way, and to be conscious of the work we do and the way we do it
  • JOYFULNESS -- to always remember to have fun in whatever we are doing